Bridging the Gap



"Exceeds expectations. Gils work ethic is off the charts."



"Gil has taken extraordinary initiative with closeouts"

"Exceeds expectations, should be teaching the class."


Construction Knowledge

"Gilbert is a quick study when it comes to construction methods as well as management and operational procedures. He puts newly acquired skills to quick use and is happy to share with other team members. He is a very consistent top performer across a wide variety of tasks or challenges."

"Gil has a natural talent for design. He has worked closely as a liaison between the field team and the AMEP consultants to assist with all stages of the design, from conception through as built conditions. His ability to communicate effectively to both the field and design teams allows for quick and smooth flow of information and ideas. Gil goes the extra mile to solve RFI's and gain Owner/Consultant approval so that no valuable time is lost."


Customer Service

"He goes the extra mile to make sure that he upholds his end of the bargain and then some. Gilbert exercises genuine patience when dealing with both internal and external clients and the result is very positive."

"Gilbert's consistent delivery on promises and work product have been noticed and appreciated by the Owner. They have a great deal of respect for him and enjoy working with him. This tends to produce more cooperation and less friction even during stressful segments of the project."

"Gilbert looks ahead to anticipate the needs of the project team and diligently works towards meeting or exceeding the needs. "

"The owner's representatives clearly trust and count on Gil to help with a variety of project needs."


Decision Making Long Term Perspective

"Makes good and timely decisions in the project/company's best interest."



"Loyalty to the Company and good common sense come easily to Gil and he practices those traits daily. He has a good grasp of what needs to get accomplished today, while still able to see ahead to bigger picture concepts. Gilbert puts what is best for our entire organization right in the forefront of his everyday activities."



"Gilbert consistently produces a high volume of high quality work. He has grown to prioritize and deliver the work with positive results."

"Gil has a very high success rate of completing his projects on time and on budget"


Honesty and Integrity

"Can be counted on 100%"



"He is eager to learn and willing to put in the extra effort to gain new skills."

"Gil is highly self motivated and capable of carrying heavy workloads. He has been very successful at working with the LEAN last planner"



"He has also gained experience running LEAN boot camps and pull planning sessions and participants have responded well to him."


Overall Ratings and Comments

"Gil is clearly engaged in his work, reaching beyond the usual requirements"


Project Profitability

"Gil keeps profitability a top priority"



"Gil has done very well with quality of our field work as well as the documentation and management of our projects."


Resource Management

"Gil can be counted on to think outside the box and come up with a creative solution to challenges that are presented frequently on this jobsite."



"Gilbert is committed to the safety policies and procedures. The projects he manages have had an excellent safety record, he has maintained proper documentation, and has been active with field visits and pre-planning."

"He is committed to everyone going home safe everyday."



"He is skilled at working with SureTrak to input and update the schedules, as well as using the subcontractor daily reports that are associated with the project schedule."



"Goes above and beyond to help subs, designers, and team members."



He works well with a variety of personalities to achieve the needed results. He has the patience & persistence to work though complicated issues so that the conclusion is successful and complete.


Team Player

"Gil's efforts are recognized & appreciated by other team members on a regular basis. He has shown persistence and patience in dealing with other team members, all the while focusing on the results needed."

"Gil has achieved excellent results with his efforts to pass on valuable knowledge to those on his team. He has specifically set out to train co-workers in a variety of operations and technology areas. He has monitored their progress, offered further help when needed, and has been able to see the training through to a successful end."



"Send Bill Gates over for a lesson."

"Exceeds requirements - and is willing to coach others"