Bridging the Gap





MDW ACCESS CONTROL GATE DESIGN (NY, PA, MD, VA, DC) – Met with Military District of Washington officials and top military officials at seven military bases from New York to Virginia. The goal was to increase the level of security and therefore level of infrastructure at each site following September 11. Each site was walked with officials to determine the best solution for the gate. The goal was to use the template created by the military and modify it to fit each site. The designs included active and passive barrier systems. These included locating bollards, drop arms, reinforced planters, search areas, blast walls, and new gate houses. Each barrier system was analyzed and detailed according to national security standards. Cost estimates, a report, and final drawings were submitted to each base after final coordination was complete.


Public Works & Maintenance Facilities

QUEEN ANNES COUNTY MAINTENANCE BUILDING (Queen Annes Co., MD) – The design of the maintenance building is an extension of the DPW Fuel Depot project. This phase involved removing the existing fuel tanks and associated utilities from the site. Design included a large addition to the existing maintenance building and the design for several large building pads on site for future construction. A new outdoor and enclosed truck wash were also incorporated which would allow for large construction equipment to pass through. Sediment control and stormwater management plans were also incorporated into a site with several site constraints including a high water table and an existing septic field.

QUEEN ANNE’S COUNTY DPW YARD (Queen Annes County, MD) – Created full set of plans including demolition, layout, geometry, grading, sediment control, and stormwater management. Plans were designed for the new Department of Public Works fueling station for the county’s vehicles. Coordination issues revolved around the mechanical connections for the fuel tanks, pumps, and overhead canopy, with the mechanical contractor and owner.



FIRST MARINER BANK IN ELDERSBURG (Carroll County, MD) – Created several design alternatives to locate a new First Mariner Bank with parking and safe vehicular traffic through the site. Other site considerations included addressing setback issues, car stacking requirements, and other zoning issues that would eventually require a variance.

CANTON CROSSING OFFICE TOWER (Baltimore City, MD) – New seventeen story office tower was designed as part of a larger master plan for a new waterfront community along the Baltimore Inner Harbor. The design needed to combine the existing inner harbor qualities with the new Canton properties. Initial meetings with Baltimore city agencies wrestled with politics and guidelines to accommodate sufficient parking and allocate parcel sizes consistent with need. The office tower was part of a much larger master plan that was constantly changing. Other features would include additional office/retail space, hotels, parking garages, and eventually a cruise ship terminal. The majority of work revolved around creating documents to satisfy the various submissions required by the city including PUD drawings, developer’s agreements for work in the right-of-way, sediment control drawings, storm drain computations, and stormwater management reports.As the Landscape Architect on the project, designed the site layout, site utility and landscape plans.



AIA/FRANKEL AUTOMOTIVE / WALMART SUBDIVISION (Baltimore Co., MD) – Created a conceptual layout for the existing owner and a prospective buyer to demonstrate the ultimate build out of the site. New property boundaries were established around an area to encompass two big box users, one restaurant, and an automotive dealership. The overall amount of usable land was calculated after addressing environmental concerns including steep slopes, an existing forest conservation easement, and future stormwater management necessities.



ROSEDALE BAPTIST CHURCH (Baltimore Co, MD) – Performed field investigation of grading, landscaping, and SWM pond installation by the contractor. Produced red line revision drawing and wrote letter to owner on findings and suggested course of action to correct the site.



MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. ELEM. SCHOOL (Baltimore City, MD) – Developed conceptual plan and report that analyzed severe drainage problems on the site. After researching the storm drain system and examining the site for other potential causes, a course of action plan was submitted to the owner. Proposed solutions including collecting more of the overland flow and depositing it into a closed storm drain system before reaching the building.

GOUCHER COLLEGE UTILITY MASTER PLAN (Baltimore Co., MD) - Investigated existing conditions and utility layout for 20 acre campus. Researched old records and documents for all utilities. Walked the site to verify present conditions after numerous renovations had been done to the site over the years without documentation. Prepared a new utility composite to document my findings.

PSU YORK LIBRARY/PERFORMING ARTS CENTER (York, PA) – Researched utility records to create layout and utility plans for new library and auditorium at Penn State branch campus. Design goals included maintaining a central view corridor through the campus while creating smooth pedestrian and vehicular circulation around the building.

GILMAN SCHOOL NEW TURF SOCCER FIELD (Baltimore City, MD) - Project involved the replacement of an existing private school football field into a new artificial turf field. The area inside the track was re-graded from the existing two percent turf field to a new half percent slope. A new perimeter sand filter was installed around the new field to provide water quality and meet the city’s requirements. A new high jump area and pole vault runway were also installed. Existing problems involved protecting the existing track from heavy vehicular traffic and undermining, as well as protecting an existing long jump runway and pit. This innovative project was constructed immediately after the new Baltimore Ravens field and in conjunction with the same turf manufacture. Coordinated between the owners, turf manufacture, and contractor throughout the project.



DUNKIRK DISTRICT PARK (Calvert County, MD) – involved modification and implementation of various phases of a master plan for Dunkirk District Park in Calvert County, MD. The first phase involves the design of a new multipurpose field to help alleviate the expanding recreational needs of the park. The design involves several complimentary park features including a new snack bar/restroom facility, field lighting, irrigation, and walkways connecting present and future sites. The project was reviewed by the county for the new layout and utility connections including a new septic field, well design, lighted parking lot, and stormwater management pond. These additional features have been designed to meet the environmental concerns of the park and county. The price tag for the first phase was approximately $300,000.

BMX TRACK @ CHAPTICO PARK (St. Marys, Co., MD) – Designed a new BMX track layout based on a template indicating suggested lengths of track and number of jumps. Layout was created with an existing forest conservation easement around it, therefore narrowing the constraints of the site. Water quality also needed to be treated in several small sediment traps inside the track before leaving the site.

NORTH ATHLETIC FIELDS GRADING STUDY (Carroll Co., MD) – Modified a section of golf course to become a new practice field for McDaniel College. Designed a regulation field that could be used for soccer or football. This field is also now used by the Baltimore Raven’s for pre-season training.



MASS TRANSIT AUTHORITY (MTA) ESCALATOR WEATHERIZATION (Baltimore City, MD) – Coordinated utility and paving reconstruction of four metro stations based on new enclosed canopy layouts from the architect. Objective was to unify the entrances along the route by using similar materials at each stop. Site conditions were analyzed to address potential drainage problems while also including ADA accessibility.

MASS TRANSIT AUTHORITY (MTA) PASSERELLE (Baltimore City, MD) – Coordinated from beginning conceptual phase to installation with architect, client and contractors to rehab the area between Mass Transit Authority’s Metro entrance, daycare center, and parking lot. Conceptualized paving patterns to direct pedestrian traffic, provided animal sculptures as play equipment, and designed new brick piers with fencing for safety and aesthetics. Specifications and drawings were prepared to put the project out to bid.

MASS TRANSIT AUTHORITY (MTA) RECREATION CENTER AT FEDERAL HILL (Baltimore City, MD) - Project combined new city Mass Transit Authorities bus shelters in conjunction with Federal Hill grant money to improve the school site entrance. New site amenities included new brick piers, a steel fence, brick walkways, lighting, benches, tables, landscaping and trash cans. Coordinated mounted police horse staging area with Baltimore City Police and bus shelter modifications with MTA. Overall site layout was coordinated with Baltimore City School members and members of the Federal Hill Recreation members.

WMATA RADIO SITE @ JERICHO PARK (Prince George’s Co., MD) – A new Motorola telecommunications tower and shelter were designed for WMATA. The telecommunications hub was to be used for the increased Maryland Transportation Authority’s increased needs. Prepared the drawings for stormwater management agency, sediment and erosion control district, and the Core of Engineers. Coordinated addendums, change orders, and RFI’s for the project through final installation.

I-95 LANDSCAPING ALONG PA/DE BORDER (Wilmington, DE) – Worked with Delaware Department of Transportation employees, Delaware Center for Horticulture employees, Delaware professors, and community members to design a gateway into Delaware which would beautify the I-95 route. The project objectives included managing and removing invasive species while providing new and creative native plantings. My work on this project occurred over three different time periods over four years, at which point I was eventually personally managing the projects. Each of the phases was intricate with design problems including traffic coordination, safety issues, and steep slopes directly adjacent to I-95. The project was a landmark project in that it is currently being followed by other states as a template for beautification along highway corridors and for invasive species management.


Wetlands & Forest Stands

RT 32/ DORSEY RUN ROAD INTERCHANGE (Howard Co., MD) - Wetland delineation project analyzed existing stormwater management facilities for potential wetlands constructed in stream. Analyzed existing soils, drainage patterns, and plant life all required by CORE regulations. Produced complete wetland delineation report for submission to Core and MDE based on site visit to verify the existence of wetlands. Met with state and federal officials in the field. Several existing stormwater management facilities were discovered but were exempt from wetland regulations. As built drawings along with the original report verified that the ponds were built solely for stormwater management.

PADONIA ROAD (Baltimore Co., MD) - Gathered information such as National Wetland Inventory Maps, Floodplain Maps, and Soils Maps to preliminary determine the areas of concern. Analyzed the existing wetland conditions of the site along Padonia Road and adjacent water-bodies. The on-site investigation of hydrology, hydrologic vegetation, and hydric soils verified the presence of several wetlands currently documented as well as new wetlands. Plans were submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to receive validation of the wetland delineation.

LEXINGTON DRIVE EXTENDED & MIDDLETOWN ROAD (Charles Co, MD) – Analyzed extensive data for the two adjoining roads and the surrounding area. Completed forest stand delineation, forest conservation plan, and wetland delineation for each road. Flagged and located wetlands using GIS backpack system. Filed appropriate forms and plans to gain final approval from all required agencies.



BALTIMORE MUSEUM OF INDUSTRY (Baltimore City, MD) – Created multiple design options for the new waterfront promenade.



HAMMOND'S FERRY STREETSCAPE (Baltimore Co., MD) – Created an overall master plan to enhance a deteriorating section of a small town. The historic characteristics of the existing buildings along with some existing rail cars made for some creative opportunities. Pedestrian and vehicular circulation were analyzed and showed the need for one continuous sidewalk running the length of the project as well as larger turning radii at the intersections. Created a hand rendering of the railroad cars with a fake train station shelter and outdoor gathering area. Landscaping, seating, and other site amenities were added to enhance the overall theme of the streetscape.




Plan Preparation - Prepared demolition plans, layout plans, geometry plans, grading plan, sediment control plan, planting plan, utility plan, stormwater management plan, forest stand delineation plan, forest conservation plan, and site details

Geotechnical - Analyzed geotechnical data for sewer, structural, and stormwater management design

Computations - Prepared drawings & computations for grading, sediment & stormwater management review

Utility Plans - Prepared utility plans for water, sewer, and storm drain needs

Land Development - Designed land development plans that meet all required regulations, codes and design standards

Meetings - Attended meetings with clients, lawyers, & county officials, architects, engineers, & contractors

Permitting - Created and obtained all necessary easements and permits necessary for construction

Computer Color Renderings - Prepared color computer renderings of projects for presentation to developers and review committees

Freehand Color Renderings - Prepared color freehand renderings as required 

Cost Estimating - Prepared detailed cost estimates including computation of all quantities to bid job competitively

Specifications - Preparation of general and technical specifications

Wetlands Delineations & Conservation Plans - Provided wetland delineation field work. Located with GPS. Prepared plans and reports to explain findings and address mitigation requirements. Field verified existence of wetlands and forest types with local, state, and federal officials

Forest Stand Delineations & Conservation Plans - Provided forest stand delineation field work. Located with GPS. Prepared plans and reports to explain findings and address mitigation requirements. Field verified existence of forest types with local, state, and federal officials

Environmental Studies - Investigated and documented existing conditions of all environmental concerns for the site. Documented conditions of existing ponds, streams, stormwater facilities, soils, and vegetation

Boundary Surveys - Investigated deeds and boundary surveys for existing property lines and easements

Proposals - Prepared proposals and estimates of projected man-hours for new jprojects

As Builts - Reviewed final installation for bond release and production of as-built drawings

Addendums - Coordinated addendums

Requests for Information - RFI's as necessary

Sanitary Design

Storm Drain Design

Sediment & Erosion Control Plans

Earthwork Computation

Stormwater Management Design

Utility Design

Utility Composites

Zoning Analysis