Bridging the Gap



Pre Construction - Coordinate with pre-construction to make sure a construction activity schedule is prepared. Ensure that the project has a seamless transition from pre-construction staff to operations. Implement value analysis as outlined during the pre-con phase. Assist with preliminary schedule, general conditions and bid strategy and solicitations. Assist with conceptual estimating and scheduling of the project during the pre-con phase as required. Know the qualifications, assumptions and pending value analysis issues utilized in the contract.

Project Planning - Organize the project team, develop assignments for all members and review project with team. Identify and recommend value analysis and scope reduction opportunities on the project. Prepare and implement the project plan with input from all members of the project team. Determine the division of work into trade breakdowns.

Scheduling - Prepare overall project schedule with input from the Project Superintendent (PS) and the Construction Manager (CM).

Meetings - Attend and conduct regular OAC and job meetings. Ensure meeting minutes are issued within 24 hours.

Estimating - Ensure the estimate is properly and timely rolled into job cost

Risk Management - Responsible for overall risk management and mitigation.

Buyout - Organize bid solicitations and bid strategy to meet the requirements of the project. Conduct all buyout in accordance with the subguard program. Review and final approve buyout log. Review SMSR for accuracy and approval.

Project Management and Schedule - Proceed with work only to the extent an executed contract, subcontracts, insurance, bonds and executed change orders are properly in place. Review and enforce all prime contract terms and obligations.

Submittals - Review and ensure that the submittal review and approval system is accurate and timely. Ensure that the contract documents are complete and show the desired intent of the designer. Ensure that documentation is generated for all directives, changes and problems. Ensure the proper record documents are maintained in accordance with standard procedures. Ensure the proper documentation, tracking and managing of the discharge process of all subcontractor and owner claims.

Closeout - Ensure project closeout is completed promptly and accurately by the project team utilizing ECC. Stay in close contact with the owner and the designer during this process. Ensure Weitz reputation is maintained with a successful closeout.

Safety - Understand and support the safety program. Observe safety procedures during field visits and bring any deficiencies to the attention of the Superintendent. Ensure a high quality project safety plan is completed by the Superintendent. Responsible for the quality and implementation of the project safety plan. Ensure that all members of the project team are fulfilling their roles as defined in the company’s safety program. Encourage innovative thinking by the project team to increase the safety awareness of the project. Ensure subcontractor compliance with the project safety plan. Identify and manage safety hazards that could impact the general public.

Staff Development - Create opportunities to train others on the project team. Develop and maintain a learning organization. Assure adherence to all standards, practices and procedures for purposes of improved productivity.

Business Development - Assist in or lead project proposals and presentations as requested. Provide assistance with client sales calls and other tasks to assist with obtaining future work.

Operational Excellence - Has an in-depth understanding of all OPEX initiatives and demonstrates the ability to implement and holds team members and self accountable to improve processes on a daily basis. Responsible for implementing the Zero Defect Program and introducing it to the Owner and Architect as assigned by the Senior PM. Ensure that all members of the project team are fulfilling their OPEX initiatives roles as defined in the Knowledge Platform. If individual is the senior most PM on a project, they are held accountable for the project team utilization of all tools of Lean Construction. Implement effective preconstruction meetings and establish OPEX initiatives expectations there with all trades. Review OPEX procedures on a weekly basis with the project team.




Willard Office Building, 6th Floor Build Out

     Washington, DC / 10,000 sf / PM

Crystal Gateway 1 & 2 Corridors Renovation

     Arlington, VA / 9 Floors, 50,000 sf / PM

Greenbrier Office Tenant Buildout

     Washington, DC / 500 sf / PM

ZGF Office Buildout 

     Washington, DC / 30,000 sf / PM

Central Warehouse Office

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality, Design Build / 8,000 sf / PE


Restaurant & Dining

Jose Andres Minibar Restaurant Buildout

     Washington, DC / 3,140 sf / PM

HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)

     Chevy Chase, MD / 5,000 sf / PM



The Breakers Beach Retail Shop

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality, Design Build / 1,000 sf / PE



Wellington CIty Hall Complex

     Wellington, FL / Government /LEED Gold/Design Build /54,000 sf / APM


Mechanical Equipment & Roof Replacement

The Breakers North Tower A/C Replacement

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality / Design Build / 9,000 sf / APM

The Breakers South Tower A/C Replacement

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality / Design Build / 20,000 sf / APM

The Breakers South Ocean Tower Roof Replacement

     Palm Beach, FL, Hospitality / Design Build / 9,000 sf / APM

Stairwell A & B Pressurization

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality, Design Build / 5,000 sf / APM

The Breakers Cottage Roof Replacement

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality, Design Build / 15,000 sf / PE


Site Work & Landscaping

The Breakers Croquet Lawn

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality, Design Build / 5,000 sf / PE

The Breakers Palm Courtyard

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality / Design Build / 2,900 sf / PE


Cellular Sites

The Breakers Cell Site Carriers

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality, Design Build / 6,000 sf / PE



The Breakers 2009 Room Renovations

     Palm Beach FL / Hospitality / Design Build / 48,000 sf / APM

The Breakers 2008 Room Renovations

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality / Design Build / 50,000 sf / APM

North Guard Shack Renovation

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality, Design Build / 100 sf / APM

The Breakers 2007 Room Renovations

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality / Design Build / 50,000 sf / PE

The Breakers Hotel Club and Cabanas

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality / Design Build / 19,000 sf / PE

The Breakers Front Desk

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality / Design Build / 1,000 sf / PE

The Breakers Grand Cabanas

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality, Design Build / 4,000 sf / PE

Tower Stucco Repairs

     Palm Beach, FL / Hospitality, Design Build / 10,000 sf / PE