Bridging the Gap

Business Development


Market Analysis - Create the criteria and methods to determine geographical markets for expansion as well as present and support the reasons for the recommended areas.  Create, document, enhance and implement the expansion plan to meet business goals, retain and expand customer base and create new ways to market in new areas.  Identify future business partners, expansion territories and product opportunities. 

Expansion -    Monitor expansion status in relation to deadlines and projections by utilizing project management software.  Provide development progress and productivity updates on a regular basis.  Evaluate the expansion process as it develops and make recommended adjustments regarding field, sales, marketing, and operations to improve the expansion process.

Sales & Marketing - Develop sales and marketing tactics and material.  Assist with implementation of the tactical sales and marketing plan and offer enhancement suggestions through creation and testing of new marketing concepts.  Assist and support in company brand strategy.

Policies & Procedures - Direct, establish and maintain policies and procedures in line with company’s growth strategy.  Assist with writing, updating and enhancing the documented processes to explain sales, marketing and field work cycle.

Product Development - Provide new ideas and solutions for product enhancement and design.  Analyze and provide ideas and solutions for a better web presence and online experience.

Process Improvement - Consider the various roles of company staff to provide methods and tools to maximize opportunities.

Competition - Identify and analyze the competitive landscape providing ideas and solutions to maintain a competitive advantage.  

Goals - Direct, establish and maintain policies, procedures and goals in line with company’s growth strategy. 

Tradeshows - Coordinate tradeshows and conferences logistics, events and activities.

Management - Recruit, hire, train and manage staff for newly identified expansion areas.

Customer Service - Achieve customer satisfaction, quality and consistency of service, revenue generation, and long-term goals in line with company values and vision.  Review customer needs and concerns and identify solutions and follow up to ensure implementation

Training & Development - Contribute to the development of educational programs and team building offered to clients, prospects and company employees.